7 Day Art Challenge, Creating Works of Art on Demand

The 7 Day Art Challenge; My friend from Hawaii, Helen Turner, nominated me to create a piece of artwork each day for 7 days on Instagram.  That’s not a problem. Heck, I have a LOT of work to post, but I personally decided to push myself and create a new work of art each day.  That can be simple, a watercolor wash of an India ink impression.  But I decided to edit old originals, create new digital artwork and explore more detailed work, each of the 7 days.  

Day #1 was a technique I’ve been working on with watercolor. Fighting Mood, works with splashes to create an image within the reckless splashes.  A fresco wash edits the positive spaces.




Day #2 was an edit of a portrait which was created last year of a family member, Fedra Ekres.  She is a Blues and soul singer and Tarot card reader.  A unique person who needed a very unique edit for Day 2.  I called it “Fedra: the Ying and Yang of spirituality”.  The edit was a digital edit of a pastel drawing.  Below is the before and after, as well as where the piece would be placed.


  Digital edit with original photo 

A room where it was designed to be placed.



Day #3 was a personal favorite, bees.  Bees are so important in our world and I personally protest the current usage of bee venom for woman’s beauty and pain management,  I feel putting another beings life (an important being) for beauty is ridiculous vanity.  So I created a piece named Bee Good.  It’s how we should try to be, each day.  




Day #4 was a fun edit of a life drawing which was drawn in Honolulu, Hawaii, 9 years ago.  I had spent the day Gardening.  Have you ever gardened for a full day?  At the end of the day, there is a very satisfying feeling of gardens weeded, flowers edited and exhaustion from bending and stretching.  It reminded me of a picture I pasted in my newsprint pad, so I decided to edit that and post it.  It was a hit!  I suppose many people can relate.





Day #5 was a completely original piece that I spent the whole day creating.  It reflects my utter frustration with our world at the time, called Make it Stop.  It is a multi level design with a color layer, and black and while layer.  It shows how I feel myself and I’m sure how many people may feel right now.  Does this resonate with you?




Day #6 was leaning towards life drawing again with an original piece in pastel, as well as a digital edit of the same piece later in the day.  The piece called, Early Morning Yawn, was then edited with wings and I haven’t named it yet. Day 6 was busy and satisfying.

    Digital edits can allow for more creativity and imagination.



FINALLY Day #7  The last piece was strictly Digital of a digital life sketch of a seated model. The finished piece is called Autonomy.  It has allowed many color edits, but I finished one with a gray distressed background.  The piece has a mechanical feeling to it and I wanted to soften it with a light mandala behind the seated figure.

The advantage of digital is the ability to edit color easily.


The whole challenge allowed me to dig in, just do work for fun and exploration.  So, should you be asked to do this Art challenge, enjoy the process, spread your wings and don’t do the easy way out.  I am always thankful for commissions and working with other people’s ideas, as it forces me out of my comfort zone.  This is what we need as artists, to be challenged.    

Feel free to share this blog.  All artwork is available for sale.