A Lot to be Thankful For

November was a very fast month.  I’ve been enjoying time at the NYC Museums and doing some shows on Long Island. The MOMA and Guggenheim were invigorating for me as an artist.  I have traveled, lived and showed around the world so coming back to my comfort zone has been an easy transition.  It may take awhile to get back into my NY style, but I feel it coming on.  

As an artist who has traveled and tried to find my place for my style in each location, I have been fractured in style.  I do feel thankful to have been inspired by artists which I have met who are from many places around the world.  I feel that I have been changed by artistic styles that I've seen which has added so many more facets to my work.  Now it’s time for me to do what I want, for my own style and my own message.  

Last month I was in two shows.  One was the Membership show at the Art Council of Long Island in Dix Hills, NY.  My piece “Joel” was Exhibited there and was well received.  The work stayed at the gallery for a month and I enjoyed meeting new friends and potential clients through this very diverse membership of artists on all of Long Island.



I also entered an Islip Art Museum exhibition as a member and submitted a few pieces.  They accepted a controlled acrylic pour which I called Her Face in the Sky which was created in St. Louis less than a year ago.  I was very inspired by the beautiful African American women I was seeing in my neighborhood and the paint on her face was inspired by African Face paintings.  The main vision which was incorporated into this piece, was a sight often seen when we lived in the Riviera Maya.  In moonless nights, we often had such darkness that the Milky Way was very visible.  As I would sit gazing at the sky, I would imagine these beautiful faces in that starlit night.  I imagined her face in the sky, with the Milky Way framing her face and above her head in the way the white light enters our crown chakra to fill us with love and light.  The piece has a glaze of silver in it.  So to me, it feels like that light going through the third eye and within the models entirety.  It is a unique piece as the silver glaze catches the light and glows. 



I entered a second show at the Islip Art Museum,  an exhibition which focused on “Long Island” and what it means to the artist.  The opening is this weekend at the Islip Museum.  There will be nearly 200 other pieces of artwork as well.  The piece is called Foggy Morning which was created in 2010 at a Pastel Workshop on Long Island.  It is a small piece for me made with custom pastels on a Sanded Paper.  


I hope you can find time to visit this exhibition and view my work and many other amazing fine artists who have varying styles and levels of experience.  Go to the Islip Arts Council online or the Islip Art Museums AARP 50 Plus show.  



Then on Saturday December 7th, I have work at the b.j. Spoke Gallery in Huntington, New York.  This show is referred to as the “Harvest of Artists”.  b.j. Spoke is a cooperative gallery which has open calls from time to time.  This is not a juried show and is a place for me to reintroduce myself to the art collectors of Long Island. I’m also looking forward to meeting other artists at the opening on Saturday.  The piece I put into that exhibition is a controlled Acrylic pour, mixed media.  It is difficult to print it out as it is very deep and has so many layers.  The original is a very unique piece.  

I hope we can meet at one of these openings, talk and ask what you would like to know about my work, or see my exibit in person.  Please subscribe to this blog for future notices or seeing where my work will go next.  I am working on a new exhibition that will include 8-10 pieces and be shown in Chelsea, NYC in the Spring and will be well documented in the process, so stay tuned and subscribe.

Keep smiling, Kelly B