My New Website!

Here I am back in New York!  It’s been quite a while since I've been back here.  I went to school and started my career in New York.  Therefore, I’m very nostalgic about our home here and now connecting with old friends, family, business contacts and clients.  The experience has been so great.  The rhythm is different as I have lived here before, life always goes on without my help.  

The arts are different as well, but that’s everywhere.  The internet has gobbled up business’ and that includes galleries.  Many galleries that I knew are gone and those fledgling artist have gone to selling on Etsy.  I have no issues with Etsy or any other online platform, I just feel sad that the traditional gallery is limping and many are gone.  Even the concept of my new website is to represent myself.  If you approach a gallery to carry your work and represent you, chances are, you are paying them, as opposed to them just taking a hearty commission.  Marketing has become an expense that a gallery worries about about paying to get the outcome of sales.  

The internet exposure is obvious.  So marketing with Click Funnels, Instagram, Etsy, eBay and other  platforms opens up the world to all artists.  A hobbyist, retiree or stay at home parent has just as much exposure as a life long careerist, so the marketing has to be edgier, the artwork has to be unique or exceptional.  

Is that art?  What about walking into a brick and mortar gallery that allows you to step into an artists work?  Some pieces are not represented well in a photo.  Pastels are deep, the under-painting comes through and unless you have a very high resolution photo, it’s not seen on Instagram.  If you post a very high resolution photo, it’s screen shorted and printed out by art jackers.  The feeling of a large painting on a clean colored wall with proper lighting, is the closest thing to an artist being in a museum and the truest way to “see” artwork.  

What’s an artist to do?  The only thing we can count on is change.  The freedom to create by some, is the washing away of talent by many.  I see sparks of genuine talent among the accidental artist.  I encourage so many who have that eye for art to create it.  In the end, art is for the creator of a piece or for the beholder of the art?