Quarentine Art

In February I filmed a show at the Islip Art Museum of Women Sharing Art for the 100 year celebration of the 19th Amendment, the, women's right to vote.  i videoed and edited one of their openings which was a fund raiser for the PEO of Long Island.  This was a lovely show curated well by my friend Chris O"Malley, unfortunately someone at that event tested positive for Covid19.  Within a week I was sick in bed and stayed in my room for nearly 2 weeks..  After that i was right as rain and out gardening a few weeks later.  I realize i was one of the fortunate ones and while I was ill and after, taking care of my adult children who came home with their significant others.  It has begun to feel like an extended Christmas vacation.  After we have now gotten into a routine I am back to work and preparing new videos to teach and show the process' of watercolors, pastels, oil painting, acrylic pours and so on. 

Every day i wake up to a beautiful view in my back year and enjoy to sounds of geese and ducks on the lake.   It is a centering process and as the flowers are beginning to bloom and leaves are manifesting on the trees creating a green haze across the lake.  


As I begin to warm up and get back into the studio Ive been designing some new pieces I'm working a masking areas for the watercolor. I'm experimenting with color and layers.  Masking out the colors and white paper makes for important strategizing before a long or large piece.

this is a practice of masking which, to me, is overdone. I will redesign the piece and add more color.  This is the process of designing final pieces.


This piece is a happy accident and uses the color strategies which I personally love.  Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to learn techniques and follow the process.  

I'm very thankful for the time to be with my family, for the ability to create artwork and for this unique time in history.  I'm hopeful for the coming year that we emerge peaceful and more centered to see what is really important in life.