Revisiting Mictēcicahuātl

Michēcicahuātl is the name of this piece.

In the fall of 2018 I was prepping for an exhibition at the Missouri History Museum in St Louis, MO.  The exhibition was for Dia de Los Muertos, the “Day of The Dead”.  This is a very special holiday in central and South America celebrating All Saints Day with Mayan traditions of celebrating those family members and loved ones who have passed away.  It’s a way to visit the dead every year,  

This piece was a pastel on Silk which was framed with glass.  The original was sold at the show, but prints are available. 
Creating artwork for shows, competitions and installations always keep me on my toes.  Most shows have a call for artists and have a theme or objective.  This works well with my commercial experience to create work with a deadline.  It keeps me always creating and enjoying the challenge.  


As we are all working through this difficult time in quarantine, I am sorting through my work and spending time editing and revisiting older work.  Mist of the shows, I have been planning to exhibit at events that are closed now till things open again. It’s been a great time to think, plan, clean, organize and reminisce about last years work and possibilities.  I’m so thankful for this time, and although being away from friends and family has been tough, I am grateful for quiet unscheduled time.  

My prayers are with all of you for health and safety through this historic experience,