The Maddening Holiday Rush and Now the Calm Vaccum of Silence and Leftovers!

Oh what a Holiday season it has been.  It was a FLASH between Thanksgiving and Christmas that felt exceptionally fast!  I was so happy to have been in several shows within that time frame, but it was a time sucker from shopping for gifts for my family.  Baking was limited this year and the tree went up much later than normal.  I enjoy the Christmas Tree with ornaments that we have had for as long as I have been married to Joe.  With Ornaments from y sisters and homemade ornaments from my three children over the years I truly enjoy thinking about when they were made.  Some came from when I was a small child.  The Christmas tree is such a time capsule for our family, I really enjoy that part. 

We came back to Long Island, this past spring, to our home to renovate and remodel that we personally built nearly 30 years ago.  It has been overdue so as we have traveled and lived in many places in the last 15 years, our poor house was living in a neglected state.  It has been great to be back with family and old friends again.  Being involved shows within new venues that I wasn't involved in years ago has allowed me to meet amazing new friends.  All the networking that I am doing now that I didn't do before has opened doors for me.  Being in the NYC area is really where all the action happens.  My type of energy fits in here well.  In the other places I have lived, I think people felt I was over ambitious.  HERE, I need to catch up with the rest of the over achievers.  I love it!

I was joyfully doing some commissions and videos for people as Christmas gift.  One new client in Connecticut, met through my Sister, Carrie, commissioned a pet portrait which was a challenge but frankly very therapeutic.  I lost our family Jack Russel, Lucy,  this year, so doing pet portraits allow me to bond with their dog was awesome. I love painting dogs, cats, iguanas,birds, turtles, snakes or...whatever.  I am quite an animal person so being pet-less this Christmas was brutal for me.  Bonding with "Cody" a bouncy Laboradoodle was all I wanted to help me through a tough year.  I hope the Bloom Family enjoy their portrait of "Cody".

The link on YouTube for Cody Bloom:

As we skip into 2020, there's lots of division.  Lots to make you think you are part of some group.  Are you male or female?  Which race are you; which sexual orientation; guns, no guns; walls, no walls; Red or Blue?  We are all human.  We all love our families and strive for better.  Our commonality is hope for better.  We are more alike than we are dissimilar.  Celebrate our sameness in 2020 and lets all do unto others as you would have them do unto you, with kindness, compassion and love. 

I hope your New Years Eve is safe and gives hope to the upcoming new Decade. Happy New Year!