The Only Thing We Can Count On Is Change

"Life Moves fast, we either adapt or perish"  H.G.Wells

Summers End, a Digital Portrait


I've Been a designer, commercial artists and fine artist for many years.  My biggest hurdle so far has been the change in marketing.  I'm fairly sure, I'm not the only one.  Long gone are the days of working with a gallery and your concerns about framing and paper, or openings and guest lists.  I realize, I have been in a completely different learning curve.  Now, its all about Algoriythms, SEOs and Social Media Marketing.  I realize this may be amusing to younger artists. However, for an artist that has spent most of her career learning new techniques and mediums, this is a challenge.

The harsh truth is that amazingly talented artists are being left behind because of technology.  I do classes and see really great talent and they do not understand how to use Facebook, Instagram or their smart phones.  This is a cultural chasm that may result in a step back artistically, before it steps forward.  My very big hope is that those who seek to purchase art look everywhere.  Great artists don't always understand Instagram and how to even show their work outside of a gallery.  Go to galleries, go to Facebook and understand that a younger artist sure knows how to put it out there with a shiny look, but a seasoned artist has the experience and stories to tell about the journey to that piece of artwork. 

For me, I'm in a deep edit phase and feel like I'm starting my marketing over from scratch! Be patient with me.  I love creating artwork and thoroughly enjoy any interactions for information or commission.  In the meantime, I am producing artwork for the holidays and coarse work for the beginning of the year.  Subscribe for more info about how to expedite your learning curve on algorithmically changing your life as an artist. 

For those who are my patrons and followers, I will always show my process via YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  Art is for us all to express ourselves and share information to make the world a beautiful place.

Keep Smiling, KB